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About Civility Experts South Africa ~ René Carstens

If civility is an issue in your workplace, your home, your school, or your community, the team at Civility Experts South Africa offers workshops, keynote presentations, private coaching, etiquette books and materials, Train the Trainer programs and franchise opportunities. 

If you do what you love best, you will make a success”, this is the personal motto that drives René Carstens. And as a candidate for Master Civility Trainer® status with the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium, a certified Courtesy Coach© Ms. Carstens has applied her love of good manners and civility to her new business, Civility Experts South Africa. 

Almost 30 years in Communications, Public Relations, and Special Events combined with extensive travel and the life experience of raising 3 children, René has seen first-hand how taking responsibility for others, setting- and living by- high social and moral standards, and choosing civility as a core value, can have tremendous positive impact. 

René recognises that the social challenges our children face as they venture out into the world are greater than ever and so there is no better time than now to offer training and support(s) to provide this next generations of leaders with the skills they need to succeed. 

In launching Civility Experts South Africa in May of 2015, René is committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise to build civility and Social Intelligence in the workplace and in the community. 

The organisation offers confidence, social skills and self-esteem training for children, youth and teens through its youth training division- Manners Matter South Africa. 

Young women who want to build their personal and professional presence will benefit from the general etiquette training, manners, dining and social graces offered through the signature Real Beauty Finishing School. 

  • A conscious awareness of the impact of one’s thoughts, actions, words and intentions on others; combined with,
  • A continuous acknowledgement of one’s responsibility to ease the experience of others (e.g., through restraint, kindness, non-judgment, respect, and courtesy); and,
  • A consistent effort to adopt and exhibit civil behaviour as a non-negotiable point of one’s character.
René Carstens and Civility Experts South Africa along with Manners Matter South Africa are licensed franchisee and authorised resellers of Civility Experts Worldwide. All content is copyright 2015 Civility Experts Worldwide