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Civility Training Workshops & Classes
​Civility Experts South Africa offers specialised training in: Civility, Social Intelligence, Communication Skills and Business Etiquette.

Sessions can be adapted to fit a half-day, full-day or 1 hour conference presentation format. We can customise content to address your specific needs. 


1. Civility Works 
Lateness, bullying, complacency, theft, gossiping, low service standards, dishonesty, poor quality, sloppy dress, cell phone interruptions….the list of rude behaviours experienced in the workplace is endless. Left unchecked, incivility is like a virus that infects our workplaces. This interesting and relevant workshop assesses your current workplace situation, and offers solutions for stopping the incivility virus from spreading in your workplace. Join René Carstens, South Africa’s leading expert on civility in the workplace for this informative and interactive session that covers: 

•Understanding what civility is exactly, and learning why they should care about it?
•Identifying symptoms of viral rudeness in their workplaces
•Recognising if/how they as individuals contribute to a toxic workplace
•Adopting behaviours that foster civility in the workplace

René Carstens and Civility Experts South Africa along with Manners Matter South Africa are licensed franchisee and authorised resellers of Civility Experts Worldwide. All content is copyright 2015 Civility Experts Worldwide
Companies that openly promote civil communication among employees earn 30% more revenue than competitors, are four times more likely to have highly engaged employees and are 20% more likely to report reduced turnover.  

-Watson Wyatt Civility Survey-


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2. Setting Workplace Standards; Civility in the Workplace
Have you ever felt tied up in knots, wondering how to interpret something someone else said or not knowing how to say something you need to say? Is negativity and rudeness impacting productivity, loyalty or morale in your workplace? Effective, positive communication between co-workers, higher ups and clients is imperative in today’s workplace. Tight timelines, competition, and the struggle to find balance leave no place for rude behaviour, negativity, interpersonal conflict or a lack of clarity.
This session focuses on modern guidelines for civility in the workplace. Topics include:
•Defining “professionalism”
•Expectations for interacting with work teams
•Understanding the difference between “friendly” and “familiar”
•Communicating in a way that sends an impression of competence and credibility
•Choosing words and nonverbal cues that show respect and build confidence
•Knowing the expectations for mixing business and social responsibilities
•Consistently conveying high personal standard
•Practicing modern guidelines for courtesy and technology
•Navigating challenges and conflicts with grace and civility

3. Boost Your Social Intelligence
Carl Albrecht declares that “More people have lost jobs, friends, and mates as a result of social incompetence than for any other reason.” He defines Social Intelligence as “The ability to get along well with others and to get them to cooperate with you.” 

This interesting and practical presentation focuses on Social Intelligence – the new essential skill for success in the workplace. After attending this session, participants will be better able to:
•Understand the value of Social Intelligence
•Leverage their Social Intelligence to increase success in life and in the workplace
•Recognise Social IQ shortfalls
•Adopt techniques for boosting their Social IQ
Topics covered include:
•Defining Social IQ and discussing why it is important.
•Reviewing current Social IQ theories
•Evaluating our general Social Intelligence; Self-assessment
•Discussing what does Social IQ has to do with leadership?
•Understanding the role of Social IQ in collaborative workplaces
•Building connectedness and fostering respectful communication with Social IQ
•Appyling 3 key techniques for boosting your Social IQ


4. Just Plain Rude
Do you know someone that you prefer not to be seen in public with because of how he/she behaves? Do you have a co-worker who doesn’t realise that they come across as aggressive at work? Or, do you sometimes catch yourself wishing you could take back something you said or did because the situation got away on you and maybe you were rude? Incivility directly impacts our self-esteem, our relationships, and even our health. Join South Africa's leading civility expert René Carstens and learn about behavioural accountability, the costs of rudeness, and strategies for increasing civility at work. After attending this session, participants will be better able to: 

•Understand the difference between being rude and just being mean
•Recognise when rudeness becomes assertiveness
•Keep their own rudeness in check; assessing habits that can cost your reputation and the respect of others
•Adopt strategies for addressing rudeness in any situation

5. Corporate Courtesies 
Whether you’re picking a client up from the airport, hosting a company golf tournament or entertaining suppliers at a sporting event, you are expected to present a polished and professional image of yourself and your company. This means knowing what is appropriate dress, what food or beverage to provide, how to make guests comfortable and what the guidelines are for mixing business and pleasure in any situation. Attention to the details and surpassing clients’ expectations is key to creating a memorable positive impression.

6. How to Avoid Being a Cocktail Weenie™ – Mixing Business and Pleasure
After this entertaining and practical keynote, you’ll understand why the executive standing by the shrimp tree might leave having satisfied their appetite but they’ll have missed out on meeting key clients. If you have ever been fearful about walking into a room full of strangers but want to learn how to make the most of every schmoozing situation, this humorous and experiential session is for you.

7. Corporate Dining and Entertaining for Business – Shaken not Stirred!
Think how much more business you could accomplish if you weren’t worried about which fork to use. Polished dining and corporate entertaining skills contribute to an overall image of competence and confidence. During this very entertaining and informative session which is presented over a meal, attendees learn the basics of business dining, how to present themselves competently in social situations and how to effectively mix business and pleasure. Anyone who meets or entertains for business would benefit from this presentation.


8. Communicating Confidence and Competence
Can you imagine how much simpler life would be if everyone said exactly what needed to be said when it needed to be said? Whether verbal, nonverbal or in print, our communications send an impression. The experts at COCC speak with humour and insight about communicating with clarity and polish, the role of grammar, the nuances of modern technological etiquette, listening skills, non-verbal messages and how to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

9. High Tech Talk 
Technology, ah, so convenient...And at times, so annoying! Your high-tech habits can help you or hurt you, especially in business. In a world where high tech often translates to low touch, how you communicate can impact first impressions, relationships, customer service, and professionalism. Join the experts at The Civility Group and learn how to communicate effectively and courteously in any medium.  

- After attending this session, participants will be better able to: 
- Assess the impression your current communication is sending
- Be a more confident, effective and positive communicator
- Choose appropriate communication tools for different messages and situations  
- Follow practical guidelines for appropriate communication when using technology to communicate  
- Learn how adopting a “sales savings account” strategy for communication can boost respect and impact the bottom line  


10. The Polished Professional 

Although it is true that we notice someone’s appearance initially, it does not take long before a person’s outward appearance can be overshadowed by a negative attitude or a less than sunny disposition. If you are interested in mastering all the elements of professionalism; image, attitude, communication, and confidence, join South Africa's Business Etiquette Experts for this entertaining and practical workshop on Professionalism. In this session we will cover: 

•How image, attitude, communication, and confidence all fit together
•Defining decorum
•Assessing your own professionalism
•Techniques for exhibiting professionalism through your; 
•Determining the role of integrity, accountability, responsibility, and reasonability 
•How to be a professional in different scenarios